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Pre-Order Policy

Table of Contents

Estimated Delivery Date

The estimated delivery date provided during the pre-order process is an approximation based on various factors, including manufacturing timelines, shipping schedules, and unforeseen circumstances. It is important to note that this date is an estimate and subject to change.

Flexibility of Delivery Dates

While we strive to meet the estimated delivery date communicated at the time of pre-order, we acknowledge that unforeseen events or factors beyond our control may impact the production and delivery timeline. Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust the estimated delivery date as necessary.

Communication of Changes

In the event of any changes to the estimated delivery date, we will make every effort to communicate such changes to our customers promptly. Updates will be provided through the email address associated with your pre-order, and we encourage you to check your inbox regularly for any important announcements.

Refund and Cancellation Options

If a change in the estimated delivery date is unacceptable to you, and the product has not been shipped, you may choose to cancel your pre-order for a full refund. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more details.

Acknowledgment of Terms

By placing a pre-order with us, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions related to estimated delivery dates. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work diligently to bring you exceptional products.

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